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February 2012
​Accolade Academy writes:

*Susan attended our classes in Rochester (New York) both in April and October of 2011. I would say that Susan is one of the best mediums I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Susan's evidence is outstanding! It was so accurate and precise. She has been working as a medium for a time now, yet even to the standards of other working mediums she is by far up there with the best. She had Paul in tears with the evidence she gave him of a friend who has passed away. She also read me and was very clear, factual and correct within the 'Psychic' evidence regarding my life situation, as well as the mediumistic information she gave to her fellow students both in April and September. 
​I recommend Susan to anyone and feel secure in the knowledge that she will totally do a fantastic job.
For me I would love to see Susan take up the demonstrating side of medium-ship work. She would be great. I hope that since we have been home that she has started to demonstrate more and more. All Susan has to do is work as she would normally work only whilst standing up, as Susan has a wonderful and friendly nature and I am sure everyone who went to see a demonstration of hers would not only receive excellent proof of life after life, but would warm to her and be entertained as well.
So Susan, please do demonstrate more lovely as it would be a blessing to have your excellent work received by many and not just the few. I believe spirit and those who work with you from the other side are immensely proud of you as are we.

Deborah Rees
​​Accolade Academy
of Psychic and Mediumistic Studies
​Bridgend South Wales U.K

​​​ My name is Cathie, I am a medium and have known Sue Fiandach for many years. I have sat in many development circles with her and as a student where Sue was teaching. I have had numerous messages from Sue, including blindfold messages where she had no idea who she was reading for and she was spot on! My brother as been gone for 25 years and she brought him in with undeniable evidence. I also want to state here that only one other medium had ever brought him in in all that time. My husband and I both love Sue, she is the best, don't know anyone that lives life quite like Sue does!
Cathie Miller

​​   I first met Susan when I went to a group event in which five mediums would receive messages and give them to individuals in the group. She was focused and articulate with a sense of humor which eased anyone who may find people who can communicate with the dead a little disconcerting!  Her messages were impressive. She gave information to the individual that only their departed loved one would know and in words that the person who passed would have used!
I started taking a class in which she shared/taught mediumship I found I grew personally from this class. She helped me deal with experiences I have had and put them to use. I was surprised to also discover that she did hair. Okay, a medium does hair; got to give it a go. Susan has been doing my hair for over a year now and have been very happy with her work. The Soulon is such a welcoming place; I feel like I am visiting instead of entering a place of business. I love talking to Connie, owner of the Purple Door, and shopping. So much is offered in this place, there is something for everyone. I have referred friends and family to the Purple door and to Susan because I trust the many services provided.


​I have taken Sues classes on medium-ship along with having a fabulous reading with lots of evidencial information. Sues ability to connect to all the different kinds of people that she meets with such a positive attitude and great bubbly sense of humor makes her a pleasure to be around and an a honor to know.
Jen F

I owe the beginning of my journey toward understanding myself to Sue. It has been through her intro to medium-ship class and Monday night meet-up that I have come to realize my talents and feel connected to others like me. I continue to grow the knowledge of my talents and of myself through Sue’s guidance. I believe Sue is truly in tune with her gifts and is using her knowledge of spirit to help others on their journey. I hold Sue in the highest regard.


​​OMG! is what I have to say about Susan Fiandach! I lost my son two years ago and she knew all about him and how he had passed. It was comforting to know I did not lose him completely and that his spirit is still with me. Her accuracy on his death and his personality was right on! She also had my father communicate with me and what he was like before he passed.
Susan mentioned my brother in laws passing and the accuracy of his dying. His message to pass on that he is happy now and that makes us all feel better in this world.


I have been training with Sue for over 2 years and even though I can do readings on my own I don't want to leave her. How many teachers can you say that about!? I have personally had a reading from Sue, because you can't do one on yourself (duh), and while I know LOTS of psychic mediums I only wanted her. You might say I'm a devoted groupie. Nobody rock-n-rolls the dead better than Sue.


Its hard to only write a few lines. My reading was chock full of accuracy. I would like to thank you for the wonderful reading you gave me on my father. You were spot on about everything. You told me he was having a wonderful time on the other side. You said you heard clanking noises described as the game of horseshoes being played. Dad loved playing horseshoes. I remember at family barbecues at my cousins home, there was always a horseshoe pit out back and dad would play. He also told you that he was with Bud, who I didn't know. I asked my mother about Bud and she told me that dad and Bud always played horseshoes together. You also said dad was enjoying card games and the like. When dad was alive he loved playing Euchre. He taught everyone in the family the fine points of the game and we enjoyed hours of fun together. When our session was over I felt uplifted and happy. I knew I was talking to my dad and hope to come again in the future to talk with him again.

Thanks again
Cheryl N
I have had 2 sessions with Sue as a spiritual medium and these were so comforting and memorable.
I live in San Diego, CA and visit my family in rochester, New York. I was introduced to Sue through my cousin.
My son Todd passed away 2 1/2 years ago and Sue was able to connect with him right away. She knew information
and personal things that only could have come from Todd. My sessions with her meant a great deal to me as I
dealt with Todd's death and grieving.

Suzanne Schulman
San Diego, CA

​​I have been getting readings from psychics and mediums for over 30 years. Like any group of humans, their level of skill fell into the typical bell curve. Some were exceptionally good, some exceptionally bad and everyone else somewhere between those two extremes. I recently had a reading with Sue Fiandach and based on my previous experience, can vouch for her exceptionally high level of both mediumistic and psychic skills.

James Sullivan
Penfield, NY

​My name is Tony and I have been a student of Sue's in her Medium-ship class. Through her guidance I have found myself doing things I never thought possible. Her guidance and spirituality have brought me closer to our Heavenly Father and my own spirituality. I will remain indebted to her for opening my mind, my eyes and my soul.

*Sue, Thanks for coming last Thursday-Everyone all not only enjoyed the "girls" evening but were all positive about the interaction with both you and Karen- I know some will enjoy a future similar evening and some of us will pursue more interaction thru the Purple Door- What a positive evening we all had -Thank You, Sue K.​​

​*Susan...I want to thank you for an amazing Friday evening. My friends and I were so happy to be connected to our loved ones who have passed. As you know for some it was a very emotional and long anticipated reunion. I was pleased to hear that the energy in our house is positive and was fascinated by your picking up on the history of the land. Our dog is always barking at things outside that we can't see, we'll let her out to chase whatever is out there but many times there's just nothing there. With what you told me it makes me wonder if it's the energy of the previous owners or the Native American spirits and their horses. I also want to thank you for the amount of time you spent with each of us, FAR exceeding the allotted 20 minutes. In addition I know we live "out there" and that your ride was a long one. You have a wonderful gift and I feel grateful that you were able to share it with us. - Nancy

I want to thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully put together a guided (no pun intended!) workshop for psychic/medium-ship. I wanted to expand beyond the evaluation sheet because I was so very impressed and grateful. I have been slowly seeking guidance in psychic medium-ship, and over my 53 years I have been to many psychic fairs, a few psychic mediums, drumming circles, shamanism courses,spiritual circles, and classes offered by others in the field. Many times I felt less than informed and uninspired. Because of that and life "getting in the way" I was mostly in hibernation. This weekend for the first time, I felt as if I was in the company of teachers that shared my beliefs in the psychic and spiritual realm. You both are quite different from one another, and yet fit together like puzzle was a joy to listen to you both as you both are clearly passionate about your work and want to share what you've learned thus far with others. I thoroughly enjoyed the mixture of serious instruction, humor, compassion and at the same time, organization so that we could all learn as much as possible in the time we had. This was the first time I've taken a class/workshop that I feel I learned valuable information that will truly help me expand and tune my skills. I believe you said this was the first time you had presented this workshop. I thought it was excellent and I hope that many others will take advantage of having this knowledge available to them. I can see that that's already begun by the diversity in the workshop attendees.
I am finally at a place in my life journey that I can take the time to dedicate to learn and practice and I am eager to continue learning and increase my energy vibrations by being with people of like mind/spirit. I would be open to suggestions on continued classes, meetings and materials. I am grateful to my sister for telling me about the Purple Door Soul Source. I am a true believer in the "boomerang" effect of the Karma you put out into the Universe. Wishing you both the abundance of goodness you put out, will return to you twofold. I will see you soon!                      Sincerely,    Filomena A.