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Susan started in the cosmetology field in 1978. She worked in a few salons with friends and colleagues throughout the 1980's before managing a local chain for several years. She opened her own warm and friendly version of an upscale salon and spa in Pittsford, New York in October of 1994 and a hair studio in 2001. After outgrowing the original space she took her business uptown to accommodate the growing staff and clientele. 

Just before the move Susan had an unexpected illness that pushed her into a fragile state. As she lay in the hospital receiving treatment for her ailment, she was visited by some of the hospital staffs family and asked to pass on hellos and words of encouragement to the very busy medical staff taking care of her. It was very nice for their family members to visit her. They didn't know or had even met Susan before those chance encounters. As Susan passed onto the staff members their salutations, she received some very strange looks. In each case that a message was delivered, the care giver informed Susan that those people had passed on. In doubt and confusion they asked "what did the person look like"? Susan described the image, scent, and personal catch phrases of each "individual" to their astonishment. A bit bewildered herself she wrote it off to the fact she was weakened and may have just dreamed the occurrences. That is the way things stayed until she checked out days later.

A couple of years went by and this hair stylist from Pittsford was in a way, haunted by her recollection of the past events at the hospital. She decided to look into a program that helps people develop their ability to listen and feel spirit energy, thus beginning her journey into the realm of Spiritual Medium-ship. She is now an accredited and highly respected and sought after Psychic Medium and Reverend as well as a cosmetologist at the top of her game.

Many requests for individual and group psychic medium readings and teachings have led Susan to join forces with the Purple Door Soul Source where she can accommodate her clients in a relaxed and professional manner. The Soulon provides services for your heart and soul by way of spirit energy. 

We thought Susan would slow down after all she has been through , but it appears that she is still going strong.  
"Everyday Conversations:
          The Key to the            Contemporary Medium"



"Everyday Conversations: The Key to the Contemporary Medium"

This Book about Mediumship Dispels Old Myths and brings the Psychic Medium into the 21st Century

Rochester, NY: Susan Fiandach and Connie Wake authors of the book, "Everyday Conversations: The Key to the Contemporary Medium".
The book is on sale at The Purple Door,
3259 Winton Rd, Rochester, NY, online at, the bookstore in Lilydale and other fine establishments.

Written by the two professional psychic-mediums, this book describes the process of mediumship with respect to the simplicity of our daily interactions. The book addresses the common fears and myths typically associated with divination, and how they dissolve in the light of our current understanding and awareness of science and spirituality.

It’s not just about “I see dead people.” The authors describe divination as the third leg of total living, known as mind-body-spirit, as well as the psychic-medium reading itself built on a strong foundation of how we define our universe and our role and responsibility in it.

To keep this in front of us every day, Susan created a Facebook page called “The Daily Medium” and says, “The awareness and integration of all of our natural senses allows us to experience our entire being: our five senses express our physical world and our sixth sense expresses our spiritual world.” The duo will also be publishing a student guide and handbook, as well as a teacher handbook for those who are interested in teaching mediumship techniques in their area.

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